Don't know if this is allowed in a site called "Eagle Ford Forum," but I had seen conversations about other plays, so I thought I would ask. I'm trying to learn about EOG's Cowan horizontal in SW Smith County targeting the Goodland Lime. It seems they have a large (50-100,000 acre?) position in And-Cher-Smith and thus far have only drilled a Cowan monitor and a Cowan horizontal. Hard to tell what the well is doing based on intel and RRC filings. Mark, Alan, and Coon man have been very helpful by adding comments and thoughts, but I thought I would make a new topic on this specific point in case it captured more commentary. I'm hoping to learn about any movement toward a second well, how exactly the Cowan was completed, etc. Thanks!

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Thomas, one of my friends has an acquaintance that knows Mr. Cowan, the landowner, and Mr. Cowan has stated that EOG is running five tankers per day from the wellsite.  However, it isn't clear if that is all oil, or if some of the load is water.  If it's oil, then I would assume it would be somewhere between 140 and 200 barrels per trailer.

Alan, thanks for the comments. Some of that fits with what I have seen and learned. Let me add mine and then ask you a question. We watched from the road early on during flow back, and while watching we saw 5-6 trucks. They were hauling frack fluid to disposal wells in the area. Don't know if they were coming every day, so it's hard to know how many per day on average. Then there was a flare and presumably the well was cleaning up and making oil and gas (that's confirmed by the P8 filing of 4707 barrels on hand after a couple of weeks of flow back). And recently I had a friend visit the site and confirm that the well has been tied into the production facilities at the #1 location which was the vertical monitor well about half a mile to the north. So I assume the comment from Mr. Cowan to your friend was during those early days when the fluid was water etc. Also, EOG only has permission to sell 20,000 barrels without filing a completion report. Assuming 130 barrels per truck (the smaller trucks), 5 trucks per day would be about 20,000 barrels in a month, and it's been closer to 2 months now. So that also leads me to believe a frequency of 5 trucks per day is more likely frack fluid. If your friend's acquaintance hears anything current such as stages producing, flow rate, pressure, or choke, I would be very grateful to learn. Thanks again.

Not sure if this helps y'all any but vacumn trailers are usually painted. Like for example Key Energy has solid yellow trailers as an oil tanker is usually solid chrome. Maybe this will help y'all a little on determining whats being pulled off the well.

Good input.

Yeah your vacumn trucks won't have any placards. Crude is 1297 I believe. Crude trucks are usually a lot nicer then vacumn trucks lol.

Googled and found this past EFF posting on tanker placard numbers and what they mean.

It's true that water tankers are usually painted metal while oil tankers are bare metal. But that's not a reliable way to determine a water tanker from an oil tanker. Because every time it rains, both get covered in mud. And we've been having a lot of rain in the last 6 months. 

It's far simpler to note that water tankers and oil tankers have identical chassis, but due to water being more dense than oil, the tank on a water tanker is a noticeably smaller diameter than the tank on an oil tanker. Another easy way to tell the difference is that water tankers have rails and walkways along the top of the tank. Oil tankers do not.

I am told that it is/was load water.  My source on the ground report 50 mcf and ~50 bopd.   EOG will certainly drill another well given how many acres they have in the play.  

I've heard similar rates. Still flowing. No pump yet. W2 filed by EOG says production from 146' interval which might be one stage. Hard to know what is fact right now.


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