EOG filed a permit # 313-30937 on 10/15 for a horizontal in the Aguila Vado (Eagleford) 2.2 miles SW of Normangee in Madison County.  They did a vertical wildcat on the same unit in June. Does anyone have any info on Eagleford potential in that area?

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IMO, Eagle Ford in this area is a totally different type of play than that seen to the SW (e.g. Fayette thru to Mexico border). In Madison / Grimes and adjoining counties, it is probably more properly called the "Eaglebine" or in many cases just "Woodbine"


There have been a lot of very good wells drilled to date in Madison County area for this play.

I agree. Though I hesitate to respond to direct questions on "Eagleford potential" until production history is farther along we see BHP Billiton moving on. With the scale and expertise in mining and minerals that operation has I think it is safe to assume the EFS risk-calculation is on the positive side.

I am not familair with BHP Billiton being in the EagleBine play of Madison / Grimes et al counties, but it is intereting that the ex-Petrohawk management team (who BHP purchased last year) have stared up a new group (Halcon) - and one of their primary areeas of activity is the Eagle Bine.


I am sure that BHP has retained a lot of the Petrohawk staff that was the "core" of the S Tx and C Tx Eagle Ford effort from the days when they were one of the first movers in the EF trend before other companies were even consiering the EF as a viable target.


Seeing EOG in a play is positive (IMO) based on their strong track record of doing things the right way not just in the EF but also in the Permian and other areas. Ultra strong management team that knows how to acquire and use key technical data to optimize the monetization of any play.


BHP's strength in mining and minerals is a postiive, but that expertise does not automatically transfer to success the in O&G world. It will be interesting to see how BHP continues to monetize and ideally optimize their newly acquired EF assets.


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