Chesapeake activity on the McMullen/Atascosa county line

Does anyone have any information on the area Chesapeake is drilling off of Countiss Rd in northern McMullen county?  I' have an EOG lease that borders all of the Chesapeake activity.  I was curios as to how this area of the Eagle Ford was suppose to be?

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I can check this out for you but I need some more location info


part of the county?


Near what town?


Abstract #?


Near what numbered state or county road?


Any or all of this would be helpful



AB&M/J.M Franklin Survey #1010, A-1208API NO:  42-013-34362Lease: Countiss ATS

Chesapeake has 12 wells permitted 4 miles west of hwy16 exactly half way between Jourdanton and Tilden.
The above well is considered Atascosa County, and the rest are in the most northern part of McMullen county. 
Chesapeake is getting after it over in this area. There is no pipeline yet so I think they are drilling and waiting for the pipeline before they produce?

Yeah It's right on top of us.  The Cheasepeake drilling is on the Martin Mason Ranch, not sure of the abstract, the EOG is drilling under the Gordon Trust and Currently drilling there 2nd rig on La Paloma right on our fenceline.  

I think the pipeline hook up issue is one of the big issues that is delaying CHK getting wells drilled and completed - putting capital in the ground without being able to get cash flow in the very near term doesn't make a lot of sense. Also, these leases probably have later primary expiration dates - CHK and others will have a tendency to lay out their drilling and development schedules based in part on exipriation timing.

CHK has had some great success in this area - one of the early Martin Mason wells had an IP of over 1000 BO per day with associated gas and NGL's. Overall, this is a good part of the Eagle Ford oil trend.

Also note that this area is on the northern edge of the massive microseismic effort that CHK has installed with the drilling of over a hundred shallow monitoring wells. This basically makes this area the "laboratory" for CHK's fracture stimualation evaluation of the Eagle Ford in this area.

Can y'all send the link where I can look up these wells on a map? Are these wells near Hwy. 97 and County Road 347? There are also some Magnum Hunter wells close to here, but I don't think they are producing much. Also another well going in on CR 347, not sure who the operator is.

RodTex3, where are you located exactly? Thanks for all of the info, guys!

LHGirl, Im at the very end of CR 347, our neighbors are EL, LaPaloma and Martin Mason.  Along with a couple of smaller ranches here and there, where is your place?

Best free soiurce is probably the Tx RRC site interactive map. I use source but that is a subscription service (costs me as a single user over $4700 per year for two states).

Thanks Mark. So what do the monitoring wells do?  They must think something is there if they are spending time and money on this area.

the monitoring wells are microseismic monitoring stations that acquire all the very very subtle movements in the subsurface that are associated with fracture stimulation efforts.

Realize that frac's are modeled to do various things once they are pumped - but these are just models.

Depending on the rock and how the frac is pumped away, there is no way to find out where the frac is actually doing unless you do microseismic.

Issues such as how long is the frac, in what direction is it really going, how much is frac moving up and down from the horizontal plane, are the frac's interferring with one anoother, etc. are all measured.

This meansure is done by having ultra sensitive sensors in these monitor wells that are picking up the subtle microseismic movements in the subsurface that is assocated with frac jobs

Having a 100+ such monitor wells allows for some very detailed integration of data to understand frac propogation and performance.

This is critical to understanding just how much of the rock / reservoir is being accessed and fractured.

Ultimate result on well spacing, lateral placement, recovery factors, frac spacing and design, etc.

Great info. Glad to hear about the Martin Mason well and its success, especially since the MH wells aren't producing much. RodTex- my family has land on CR 347 too. Great area. Fun to watch al of the activity starting around there.

Is there any info on the well that they just drilled on CR 347, on the West side? I can't remember who the operator is....I think it was drilled last Fall.

That well hasnt been drilled yet, it is EOG and they came in hot and heavy on the land owner right before Christmas. Said they were drilling in "So Many Weeks" and then put a pad site up then drilled a Carrizo well which they are using to Frac the welll over on LaPaloma.  That ranch, ourselves, part of LaPaloma and Part of EL are all in under the Gordon Trust Lease.  Which EOG has leased and None of the surface owners have the minerals in this tract. 


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